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How clients attempt to take over the design process (and what to do about it)

Throughout my career I’ve never had to fire a client, but looking back, there are several times I probably should have. And in every case, in one way or another, it’s because the client attempted to take over the design process.

Web Design for Print Designers: Understanding the Difference

As a web developer, I often collaborate with designers and agencies that have a great deal of expertise in design for print, as opposed to interactive media. This can sometimes be a challenge, because of the inherent differences between print vs. web design. By helping designers to understand these differences—and what to do about them—projects […]

An introduction

Welcome to px Magazine, a new online publication dedicated to the business of design.  The purpose of px Magazine is to serve as a practical resource for graphic and web designers, particularly freelancers and agency principals who want to become better business owners.