An introduction

Welcome to px Magazine, a new online publication dedicated to the business of design.  The purpose of px Magazine is to serve as a practical resource for graphic and web designers, particularly freelancers and agency principals who want to become better business owners.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to read about, and discuss, a variety of topics involving business practices and developments in the design industry.  We’ll include the occasional how-to article as well, with emphasis on expanding the designer’s skill set to include a wider array of technology and marketing capabilities.

Want to know what it takes to build great websites, market them to search engines, and provide hassle-free hosting solutions for your clients?  Interested in starting a career as a graphic designer, or transitioning from print design to web design (or vice versa)?  You’ve come to the right place.

px Magazine is edited by Tom Nagel, owner and president of Midwest New Media, LLC, a website design and development firm based in Cincinnati.  Tom has 12 years of experience as a professional web developer and business owner, and is passionate about technology, productivity, and entrepreneurship.

If you have expertise that you would like to share, or a great idea for an article, please contact Tom via Twitter (@tnagel) or by e-mail.