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Work-life balance starts with setting boundaries

One of the challenges in managing your own design business is setting boundaries, especially if you work from home. If left unchecked, work has a tendency to overflow into your personal life, which can undermine the benefit of owning a business and having a flexible work schedule.

The value of vacations

I just returned from a weeklong vacation. As a business owner, vacations can be difficult, and this one was no exception. A few fires had to be put out while I was away, which caused some inconvenience for me and my family. And now that I’m back, there are way too many e-mails in my […]

The biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in the design business

One surefire indicator of success in business is how you deal with mistakes. I’ve made a lot of them in 10+ years as a business owner. Fortunately, I’ve learned more about how to manage a design business from my mistakes than from my successes. Here’s a list of my “best” mistakes: 10. Letting projects get […]